How Much Does it Cost to Install a Air Conditioning?

Energy efficiency: More efficient systems have higher upfront costs. But they can save you more money in the long run.
System size: Larger units cost more than smaller ones. We can determine what size you need during the free consultation.
Comfort features: ACs can come with various comfort features—like variable speed blowers—that can provide more even cooling throughout your home.
Manufacturer warranty length: A longer warranty costs more but gives you more peace of mind and protection.

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The cost to install a central AC & Heating in Utah can fall anywhere between $7,000 and $16,000. The average install costs about $13,000. Your specific install cost all depends on:

Low                                              Average                                           High
$7,000                                        $13,000                                          $16,000

Want an accurate price?

Contact us for a FREE in-home consultation. There's more to an AC installation than simply plugging in a new system. Our highly-trained technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your home's ductwork and vents, ensuring you'll receive a precisely-sized AC for your home.
An improperly installed air conditioner can cause major problems longterm like high energy bills and even premature system failure.