Depending on which type of countertop you choose, expect to spend between $3 and $200 per square foot. Most homeowners will spend somewhere between $10 and $150 per square foot, or $80 per square foot on average. (The average kitchen has roughly 30 square feet of counter space.

Countertop cost broken down by type and size

The size and material of the countertop determine the price, but within those parameters are huge differences based on availability and demand. This chart gives you an idea of what to expect when pricing this job.

Materialistic Price per square foot.
Laminate $8-$27
Porcelain $3-$28
Ceramic $1-$15
Granite $15-$140
Marble $15-$190
Limestone $10-$70
Travertine $11-$35
Slate $20-$60
Engineered stone quartz $15-$70
Solid surface/Corian $20-$75
Paper composite $45-$70
Glass $10-$135
Wood or butcher block $10-$38
Stainless steel $60-$100
Concrete $50-$100
Acrylic $13-$30